Born in Montréal, Que.
Lives and works in San Francisco, CA.

Selected Recordings: Solo
2017  Deface, Failing Forms
2017  Wait Until the Crowd Cries, Failing Forms
2017  As If We Were Never Here, Dragon’s Eye Recordings
2016  00, Failing Forms
2016  Laughter Cult, Failing Forms
2016  Despairer, Failing Forms
2015  File: #08, Computer Tapes
2014  Ink (as Never Knows), Sleep Genius
2013  Still Life (as Never Knows), Sleep Genius
2012  Untitled 25 (as Never Knows), Untitled & After
2012  Process Part 315 (Nostalgia) (as Never Knows), Modyfier-Modifying
2012  Spell Tomorrow (as Never Knows), Trip Show
2012  The Fate Tape Fait Tapé (as Never Knows), Break Up
2009  Untitled 08 (as Silencefiction), Untitled & After
2009  Untitled 04 (as Silencefiction), Untitled & After

Selected Recordings: Compilation
2017  Air Texture Vol. V, Air Texture
2017  Steel, Dragon’s Eye Recordings

Selected Recordings: Collaborative
2021 Afterlife (with Driftloss)
2021 Driftloss (with Driftloss)
2020 The Plague Hymns (with My Heart, an Inverted Flame), The Daft Alliance

2020 PSI-SOLATION (with My Heart, an Inverted Flame), Celebrate Psy Phenomenon
2021 Plague Notes, Unnamed, Unknown, A Finger Dragged Through Dust (with My Heart, an Inverted Flame) zum, tumult, Deathbomb Arc
2016  Languished (Marc Kate Remix), Jacktone
2013  Untitled 26 (feat Qzen), Untitled & After
2012  Untitled 25 (feat Jupiter), Untitled & After
2012  Untitled 24 (as Never Knows feat. Kevin Knapp), Untitled & After
2012  Same Mistakes (as Never Knows), Treehouse Muzique
2010  Untitled 19 (as Land Sound), Untitled & After
2010  Brotherhood (as Husband with Pee Play), HNYTRX
2009  Untitled 06 (as Land Sound), Untitled & After
2009  Lipstique Remixes (feat Fauxnique), Loöq Records
2009  Untitled 03 (as Land Sound), Untitled & After
2009  Untitled 02 (as Land Sound), Untitled & After
2008  A Light Awake Inside (with Vinsantos), CD Baby
2008  Lipstique (feat Fauxnique), Loöq Records
2008  Untitled 01 (as Land Sound), Untitled & After
2006  The Former Gender (as Evolution Rainbow), XXY Recordings
2005  Idol Worship (with Peaches Christ), Backlash
2003  The King Is Dead (with Ghost Orchids), Princehouse Records
2003  Split 12” (with Ghost Orchids), Global Symphonic
2002  Shown Actual Size (with I Am Spoonbender), Gold Standard Laboratories
2000  Teletwin (with I Am Spoonbender), Mint Records

Selected Performances: Solo & Collaborative
2019 Eternal (excerpt), San Francisco Electronic Music Festival (San Francisco, CA)
2018  Girl, Fauxnique & Marc Kate
   Joe Goode Annex (San Francisco, CA)
2018  Adobe (San Francisco, CA)
2017  Bombs Away Cafe (Corvallis, OR)
2017  Cryptotropa (Olympia, WA)
2017  Gallery 1412 (Seattle, WA)
2017  “Quiet City” Selectors Records (Vancouver, B.C.)
2017  The Lido (Vancouver, B.C.)
2017  Gallery 1412 (Seattle, WA)
2017  The Lovecraft (Portland, OR)
2017  Complex (Glendale, CA)
2016  Nihil, Land and Sea (Oakland, CA)
2016  Unseen, Gray Area (San Francisco, CA)
2016  Trans-Pecos (Queens, NY)
2016  Spektrum (Berlin)
2016  Hemlock (San Francisco, CA)
2015  with Jonah Sharp, Life Changing Ministry (Oakland, CA)
2015  Life Changing Ministry (Oakland, CA)
2015  Mata Noise (Los Angeles, CA)
2015  Life Changing Ministry (Oakland, CA)
2015  Second Act (San Francisco, CA)
2014  Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (San Francisco, CA)

Scores for Dance/Performance/video/film
2020 Häxan: or Witchcraft Through the Ages, The Unsound Orchestra
   The Balboa Theater (San Francisco, CA)
2020 Secrets of the Surface: The Mathematical Vision of Maryam Mirzakhani, film
2019  Antifascist Meditation, Keith Hennessy
   Tanzkongress (Dresden, Germany)
2019  Queent, Fauxnique & Vivvyanne Forevermore
   CounterPulse (San Francisco, CA)
2018  Girl, Fauxnique & Marc Kate
   Joe Goode Annex (San Francisco, CA)
2018 Leaning Out – An Intimate Look at Twin Towers Engineer Leslie E Robertson, film
2018  Stateless FOR-SITE Foundation
   Fort Mason Chapel (San Francisco, CA)
2018  Sink, Keith Hennessy / Circo Zero
   Joe Goode Annex (San Francisco, CA) & Lion’s Jaw (Boston, MA)
2017  Safely, Brendan Fernandes, FOR-SITE Foundation
   Fort Mason Chapel (San Francisco, CA)
2016  Critical Joy, Keith Hennessy & Peaches
   ImPulsTanz, (Vienna)
2016  DUAL / DUEL, Lluis Corujo Besga and Andrea Cammarosano, video
2016  I just wanna fuckin’ dance, Kiriakos Hadjiioannou
   Réunion (Zürich)
2015  Real Future of Sound Real Future of Sound Fair
   San Francisco, CA
2010  All About Evil, Peaches Christ director, film
2010  A Glamour, Monique Jenkinson choreographer, video
2008  Heroic Comportment, Monique Jenkinson
   de Young Museum (San Francisco, CA)
2005  American Tweaker, Keith Hennessy / Circo Zero
   Les Laboratoires (Paris), Les Subsistances (Lyon), Dance Mission (San Francisco)
2004  Mercy, Keith Hennessy / Circo Zero
   Dance Mission (San Francisco, CA) Living Arts (Tulsa, OK)

Curatorial Projects
2018  Stateless FOR-SITE Foundation
   Fort Mason Chapel (San Francisco, CA)
2015  Operators2
   The Finn Mansion, (San Francisco, CA)
2014  Operators
   CounterPulse (San Francisco, CA)
2013  Past Protocol Preservation Society: Session One
   Amnesia (San Francisco, CA)
2008 – 2013  Untitled & After, record label

Residencies & Grants
2019 – 2020 Gray Area Foundation for the Arts, Incubator Member (San Francisco, CA)
2018  Kenneth Rainin Foundation
2018  Zellerbach Family Foundation
2016  Land and Sea residency (Oakland, CA)
2016  Tanzhaus Zürich residency (Zürich)

Speaking Engagements & Teaching
2020 Start Your Podcast Now!
   Gray Area Foundation for the Arts (San Francisco, CA)
2020 Gray Area Incubator Artist Salon
   Gray Area Foundation for the Arts (San Francisco, CA)
2017  Don Buchla Memorial Panel
   Don Buchla Memorial Concerts
   Gray Area Foundation for the Arts (San Francisco, CA)
2017  Why We Listen with Nayland Blake
   Cooper Design Space (Los Angeles, CA)
2017  ‘It’ panel
   Scary Thoughts
   Borderlands Books (San Francisco, CA)
2017  Introduction to Sonic Arts, guest instructor
   UC Davis (Davis, CA)
2016  33 1/3rd series discussion (with Geeta Dayal & Erik Davis)
   Adobe, (San Francisco, CA)
2016  33 1/3rd series discussion (with Evie Nagy & Marc Weidenbaum)
   Adobe, (San Francisco, CA)

2016  Still, audio tour for Clyfford Still room
   SFMOMA (San Francisco, CA)
2014  Dome, Bay Area Now 7
   Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (San Francisco, CA)
2013  Parenthetics
   Public Works (San Francisco, CA)

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Jan 21, 2016  “Ce remix ambient des onze morceaux de Low de David Bowie
   en même temps sonne exactement comme l’idée qu’on se fait du bruit d’une
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2016  “Nihil” Land and Sea Editions (Oakland, CA)

2016-present  Scary Thoughts, co-host/producer
2012-present  Why We Listen, host/producer

1997-1998  Master of Fine Arts Candidate California Institute of the Arts
1995  Bachelor of Fine Arts, New Genres San Francisco Art Institute
1992  Certificate of Recommendation, Filmmaking Vancouver Film School