‘File: #08’


Available from Computer Tapes via Bandcamp HERE.

Faint outlines of melody and song are buried and burdened by an ocean of distortion, self-doubt and melancholy. In effect: a music that undermines itself. Each track is a calculated performance of cathartic release, pitting delicate gesture against brute force.
For those familiar with Tim Hecker, Lawrence English or Rafael Anton Irisarri, Kate similarly creates a tension between serenity and dissonance, crossing vintage analog with laptop experimentation.

01 – …with no obvious agent
02 – We Carry on Doing Thing We No Longer Believe In
03 – Every Confession. At the Same Time.
04 – Patient Minus One
05 – Sorry, I Haven’t Read Your Manifesto
06 – The Empire’s No Close
07 – “Everybody has a heart. Except some people.”
08 – The Death of the Moth
09 – All Prophets. All Horrors.

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